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International Quality and Accreditation Services Pvt. Ltd.

[IMP] International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) provides a 3-year transition period for Medical Laboratories to move from the earlier ISO 15189:2012 standard to the revised ISO 15189:2022 version. ISO 15189:2012 accreditation will cease on 31.12.2025.

Elevating Standards, Empowering India.

About IQAS

International Quality and Accreditation Services Pvt. Ltd. has emerged to address the rapidly increasing demand for reliable and internationally recognized accreditation services in India. Committed to impartiality, non-discriminatory, hassle-free and cost effective accreditation process, we are your trusted partner in upholding international standards, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO 15189:2012/2022.

IQAS Grants Accreditation to

Global Accreditation Cooperation

Trainings, Workshops & Seminars


[UPDATE] Join IQAS 15189 Assessor Training Program! to be conducted from 20th to 24th July 2024. Qualification: PhD; MBBS; Post-Graduation in Science; Graduation in Science. PhD, MBBS, Post Graduation in Science - 5years of experience and Graduate in Science with 10 years of experience. Submit CV to or Register Now.

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